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My Experience



Anchor 1
  • Maya 

  • 3Ds Max 

  • Motion Capture Clean Up

  • Unreal Engine

  • Photoshop

  • Premiere Pro

  • Python


July 2020-Present


Created single-frame images and short clips for social media and marketing purposes. Primarily worked with motion capture clean-up.

Monkey Chow Productions

January 2019-June2020


Lip synced in Mandarin and English on short films. Animated with Bipedal and quadruped creatures with hand-keyed animation and motion capture. Collaborated as a team to ensure the client’s vision.

Freelance Lead Animator

October 2016-January2017


I worked as the sole animator on a 2 minute long Youtube video for a Client. I animated with 4 different rigs in multiple environments and also incorporated lip-syncing. 



Student Film "Farmer Glorp"

August 2014-May2016


Member of a team of 24 students in the Character Animation program at UCF. Worked as an Animation Lead, and a Render Lead for the short film.



Flanagan's Sports Pub

November 2018-March 2020

Slinging drinks, and talking to interesting people.  Worked together with a small team of bartenders each shift to maximize our productivity. Effective in communicating in high-intensity environments while maintaining a professional manner. 

Tijuana Flats

August 2016-November 2018


Serving food, taking orders, and cooking the food. Ensuring customer satisfaction as well as smooth conflict resolution. Made sure all employees were up to handbook standards, and organized positions, and cut times for each shifts. I was also in charge of closing the store at night, counting the safe, and making sure all paperwork was correct.





Animation Mentor

2018 - 2019

Character Animation


Game Animation

University of Central Florida


Bachelor of Fine Arts - Character Animation

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